The Micro Blog of SeiShonagon

@numericcitizen all my condolences.

@seishonagon of course I meant firehose*

@patrickrhone thanks! This is very timely. And know I want to build virtual rooms with virtual bookshelves of virtual texts that look down on me, waiting to be explored.

@jencius welcome! same here, finally coming back after a while. A lot has changed! I like that it’s a quiet corner of the internet

@rknightuk this is really cool!

@JohnPhilpin ouch… yeah. Then patience, forbearance etc… :-)

@JohnPhilpin if you can’t walk away - try to have a 3rd party present (either with same problem, or “in training”, or just passing) It lowers the tantrumability potential of the initial idiot. Speaking from experience :-(

@pimoore 🙏 thanks!

@crossingthethreshold 👋 thanks!

@artkavanagh Thanks! had to double check the date but yes! 2 years. Good to be back

@numericcitizen wow, offers me the option to follow you seamlessy from my mastodon account by clicking on your mastodon link. This is really cool

@jean happy to see you still holding the fort!. I should’ve come back sooner.

That quip is so self-evident once you hear it.

@toddgrotenhuis thanks!

@jean I’m stealing that and printing it above my desk. And if lack of sleep is an issue ... I’ve started to “treat myself” to naps, although I realize they are not a luxury, but a necessity.

@maique same here - there's growing fatigue, and a sense that the government doesn't know what it's doing (hint: it doesn't, but nobody does). Despite curfew, my (20 something) neighbors have parties every night!

@hutaffe @jsanchez If we are going down recommendation road, then I’ll pitch in for Chemex. Large grinds, easy to make, easy to clean.

@patrickrhone I’m happy to realize our own daughter is not the only one doing this. She won’t bat an eye at pretty gory stuff, but will hide under the covers as soon as kissing is in the air.

@schuth thank you for ten minutes of levity. Now I have to figure out if I can find bucatini here in France.

@kimonostereo well seen!

@Burk congratulations !

@jack you serve a very specific purpose in the ecosystem by validating our own waffle-ness. Also, this constant back and forth is entertaining: whenever I see you've posted, I take bets with myself: photo, note taking or blogging software?

@davidbgk salutaire! Merci...

@jack oh no! it would be so fun seeing you make the rounds between substack, mailchimp and some version of org-mode that 3 people know about ...

@macgenie parfait! (Sûre, not sûr, though)

@alexsavin Russian naming conventions are so literal! “Children’s logic machine”, if I’m not too rusty?